Admissions are Open in New Vision Training Center Live and Online Classes

First Week


  • Orientating yourself to the text
  • Listening for specific information
  • Identifying details
  • Seeing beyond the surface meaning
  • Following signpost words
  • Following a talk

Second Week


  • Orientating yourself to the text
  • Scanning for specific detail and skimming for general understanding
  • Identifying main and supporting ideas
  • Improving global reading skills
  • Summarizing
  • Understanding argument
  • Identifying the writers views and claims
  • Reading: The General Training module

  • General Training Reading section1
  • General Training Reading sections
  • General Training section3

Third Week


Writing Task 1: The Academic Module

  • Interpreting charts, tables, graphs and diagrams
  • Describing trends
  • Summarizing information
  • Comparing and grouping information

Writing Task 1: The General Module

  • Planning a letter
  • Communication your message

Writing Task 2: The Academic and General Module

  • Approaching the task
  • Planning your essay
  • Turning your ideas into written arguments
  • Linking your ideas


  • Responding to a personal questions
  • Becoming more fluent
  • Preparing your talk
  • Giving your talk
  • Understanding abstract and analytical questions
  • Giving a reasoned response